Wunderlist is a handy task management application which supports a synchronization across all major devices. These days, I’m using it not only for my tasks but also for memos about ideas and references. I usually add a task inside the application. However, I often just copy a text and add a task by pasting. You might notice that it would be a quite tedious task.

Here is how I simplify it.

Wunderlist Service

If you are using Wunderlist3, Wunderlist already added a “Add to Wunderlist” service in your mac. To use that, just select “Add to Wunderlist” in the context menu after selecting a text.

Wunderlist Service

By registering a keyboard shortcut, it is much simpler.

Wunderlist Keyboard Shortcut

Automator Service

Default Wunderlist service looks great until I notice two things.

  • New task always goes to ‘Inbox’ list. Even though I select another list, new task doesn’t go to the selected list.
  • Selected text is used for both new task’s title and note. It looks weird to have the duplicate text. I prefer to put the selected text only on the title.

I’ve fixed it with a simple automator service with AppleScript. After following steps, you can use it in the similar way, select “Add to Wunderlist3” in the context menu after selecting a text.

Automator Service

Simple Way to Setup

  1. Download ‘Add to Wunderlist 3’ and Unzip
  2. Execute ‘Add to Wunderlist 3.workflow’ and install it.

Manual Way to Setup

Automator Service Setup

  1. Launch ‘Automator’
  2. Choose ‘Service’ in the ‘Choose a type for your document:’ popup
  3. Add an item ‘Run AppleScript’ from the library
  4. Copy and paste below apple script code
  5. Save as ‘Add to Wunderlist 3’

To hide the default Wunderlist service, go to the keyboard shortcuts and unselect it. Wunderlist Service Hide