GitHub Pages supports to make a website for you or your project. This is directly hosted by your GitHub repository. For blogging, it uses Jekyll, which supports Markdown syntax and doesn’t require any database. When you add and push a post to your repository, it will be published soon.

If you write several posts at a time, you probably want to publish them in the future instead of showing them at once. Jekyll supports below ways for that.


On each post, you can specify whether you want to publish it or not.

layout: post
title: "title"
published: false

If you want to see unpublished posts together locally, use --unpublished option.

$ jekyll serve --unpublished

You can change the _config.yml to show unpublished posts without --unpublished option. However, I suggest not to change the config file to avoid showing unpublished posts to others.


unpublished: true


In Jekyll, a post date is defined by a filename, e.g. _posts/ If you use the future date on your post, it would be published on that date. To see future dated posts locally, you need to use --future option.

$ jekyll serve --future

You also can change the config file to show future posts always. I don’t think you want to show those. In that case, it is vital to set it as false. When you run jekyll serve without --future, it won’t show future posts. It is true when you run it locally. However, your future posts will be shown in GitHub Pages. I couldn’t check the detail but it seemed the default Jekyll setting is different between a local and GitHub Pages. So, please don’t forget to set false to hide future posts correctly.


future: false

GitHub Pages doesn’t update the content automatically. The content is updated only when there is a new commit. If you committed a post with a future date, it won’t be shown on that date. You can trigger the update by pushing a new commit. If you don’t have any new commit, you can amend the last commit and then push it for triggering.

$ git commit --amend --no-edit
$ git push --force


If you put your post in _drafts, you are able to push it to GitHub along with hiding to others. When you move it into _posts, that will be shown. To see it locally, use --drafts option.

$ jekyll serve --drafts